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Corporate Health

What are corporate health services?

Corporate health services are for employers to improve the health and well being for their employers. These services are aimed at injury prevention activities which reduce insurance premium and injury costs for the organisation. A range of corporate health services in Perth are available from preventative activities to return to work management and injury analysis.


Office Work-Station AssessmentsOffice Work-Station Assessments

Can be a quick or a comprehensive assessment including set-up and recommendations of an desk office set up.

Physical Worksite Assessments

Physical worksite assessment is an in-depth assessment of an employees work area, environment, layout which can assist in return to work management, creating job profiles

Specialised ErgonomicsSpecialised Ergonomics

Specialist Ergonomics services involve cognitive ergonomics, usability studies, visual ergonomics, anthropometry, equipment sign offs. Specialist knowledge is applied to problem solve and make recommendations to improve safety

Job Profiles

Physical job profiles can be created for an organisation or a department which highlights physical work demands of a particular role / job. This is useful in return to work case management and sending information to GP’s, health providers about the employees work duties

Safe Design

The most cost effective way of ensuring safety is to incorporate it into the initial planning stage of any design of either tooling, equipment, workstation, office layout, work environment before procuring it. This is the gold standard to ensure safety without the added cost of modification etc. We offer specialist ergonomics and safety services to employers to help them cost effective safe choices in new design.

Manual Handling Injury ProgramsManual Handling Injury Programs

Physiogap offers various injury prevention programs to employers to minimise the risk of injuries. These range from early symptom reporting, stretching programs, specific injury reduction activities, safe work methods and more. Our corporate wellness consultants can also provide specific programs to improve the health and well being of your employees and assist with stress management. We tailor these programs according to the individual organisation’s needs and goals.





Physiogap offers training programs that are delivered to the workplace to upskill the knowledge in safety to all members of the organisation i.e. from management to workers. Following training packages are available:

  • Manual handling injury prevention
  • Design training (for engineers, designers, management)
  • Accident Investigation Training


Injury data analysis and reporting

How the injury data is analysed and reported can tell a different story,  it can help identify the biggest problem areas with the most effective solutions so you get the biggest bang for your buck

Injury Investigations

How injuries occur is very important in preventing them from reoccurring. It can be tricky to identify cause(s) for some injuries especially if it is manual handling.

Return to Work Management

Effective return to work outcome is achieved by appropriate return to work case management.

Safety AuditsSafety Audits

We offer safety audits to assist organisations comply with legislation


OHS Management Systems

We can assist the organisation to implement an effective OHS management system incorporating identification, control and implementation


Pre-employment screening

Quickly assesses a worker for physical function which can be catered to the specific industry or role. Allows employers to assist in the recruitment process to reduce the risk of hiring an individual that has the capacity to be injured (usually from a previous injury).

Functional Capacity Evaluation

A more in-depth physical assessment of function (takes 2 hours) and capacity of an individual. Useful for employers when allocating various roles as this can be matched with an employees capacity to minimise risk of an injury.


Please contact us if you are not sure which service you require or need something more tailored to your organisation.