208 High Road
Riverton 6148


08 9354 7000


“Dr Simran is a true professional with extensive experience, knowledge and know how, as well as being very caring. I went to consult with Dr Simran for the first time and walked out truly impressed. Now after 3 x Months of Pilates Physio with Dr Simran, the feeling of well being physically and overall is improved tremendously, and feel confident to exercise and maintain core, pelvic, and back strength healthy.
Strongly recommend you to consult with Dr Simran, only when you truly are committed to massive health and well being improvements
With love, grace and gratitude?”

@Lia Bridgeman



“An awesome company. Better than other physios I’ve been to. Simran is very knowledgeable and after each session with her I notice the positive change in my body which is very beneficial.”

@Grace Rubinich