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Based in Riverton, Perth, Physiogap offers reformer Pilates which is on an individual one to one basis. Pilates has many benefits. Pilates strengthens the deeper stabilising muscles in the body. Pilates improves posture, tones the body especially around the waist, assists in recovering from injury, prevents injuries, improves fitness, increases bone density, improves performance in sports, improves balance and much more! Reformer is an equipment which is spring loaded that provides resistance for a quick strength gain in a variety of postures. Book a free assessment with the Physio today to learn more about Pilates and see how you can benefit from it.

What is Reformer Pilates?

Reformer is an equipment that is spring loaded, allows for dynamic resistance training in a variety of postures. Pilates strengthens deeper stability muscles like the core, glutes etc. Reformer makes it easier to exercise these muscles. Reformer is also great for PNF stretching giving more flexibility and mobility.

What are the benefits?

Pilates is not just an exercise but a philosophy where the correct & more efficient movement patterns are strengthened, negating the effects of modern living on our body. Benefits are many – improves posture, injury recovery, body toning, prevents injuries, increases fitness/performance, increases energy, boosts mood and relaxation.

How are the sessions run?

Technique is very important so the sessions are individual one on one run by an experienced Physiotherapist – Simran. An initial assessment is always done to set an individual plan. Sessions can be progressed to be done independently upon the discretion of the therapist and the client.

Am I fit enough to do Pilates?

Pilates is a low impact with varying degrees of difficulty depending on the individual’s technique and experience. People with current injuries, seniors, pregnant women or anyone simply wanting to improve fitness, can all do Pilates.

What is the cost?

Sessions are $70 for half hour which is claimable through health funds using the Physio item code #500. There is hicaps on site so you pay the gap fee only. You can also save cost by purchasing sessions in bulk. Enquire at the initial assessment for more details.

How can I get started?

Simply book online to book a FREE Pilates assessment with a Physiotherapist or call 08 9354 7000