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Health is a multi-dimensional model which requires a multi-dimensional approach in treatment. A strong emphasis is on mental health as that is a big determinant of our well being and true recovery from injury. Simran’s holistic approach aims to enhance the mental state of all our clients. This creates a positive cycle of motivation, activity and exercise which is required for optimal health.


Simran bases her treatment on the following principles:

Always ensure the clients best interest is kept at heart
Provide high quality care to optimise the individual’s well being
Treat the root cause of the problem
Tailor each treatment session specific to the individual’s needs 
Empower individuals to take control of their health through teaching them self management strategies
Offer affordable Physiotherapy services especially to certain groups – senior citizens, low income card holders, people with a disability
Engage within the community to enhance the well being of all members


Simran is a highly trained and experienced Physiotherapist. Simran has been applying mindfulness practices in her daily living for the past few years. Simran has trialed a variety of various meditations and techniques and has noticed an inner change and benefits firsthand. Simran has recognised the limitations of mainstream health care. Hence, Physiogap was founded to bridge this gap. Simran tailors the Physiotherapy treatment sessions to add certain mindfulness practices as per the individual’s needs.