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Health workshops at Riverton Library

Health workshops are interactive with an educational component as well as a practical component. All workshops are run by an experienced Physiotherapist – Simran Choudhary. Simran has a wealth of knowledge with managing and preventing common injuries and complaints. The aim of the workshops is to improve awareness around common health concerns which can often be prevented or managed with the right approach.

Simran practises as a Physiotherapist in Riverton with a special interest in chronic pain. Simran uses a unique holistic approach of mindfulness and Pilates to treat a range of conditions such as neck, back, shoulder, hip & knee pain. Simran is passionate about sharing knowledge to benefit the health of the community.

The health workshops will cover the background, basic anatomy and strategies on self management. All the health workshops will be run on Saurdays between 12pm – 1pm at the Riverton Library on the following topics:

– Neck Pain 

– Back Pain 

– Hip / Knee Pain 

– Shoulder Pain 

– Core & Pelvic Floor

– What Is Good Posture?

– Self-managing Pain 

Please note the dates for 2020 workshops is not yet finalised so please check this space at a later date. Alternatively you can connect on facebook or email your address to to receive notification on the dates.