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Month: February 2018

The Power of your Breath

February 25, 2018

Did you know? You can control how you feel by your breath? You can change your pain by your breath? You can change your perspective by your breath…Our breathing is vital not just to sustain our life but to maximise our quality of life. Each breath you take in, you are providing vital oxygen to […]

Chronic Pain – How to get rid of it

February 24, 2018

9th February 2018 Simran Choudhary HOW TO MAKE YOUR PAIN STAY   Ever heard the saying ‘we manifest our own reality’? Well here’s your chance to put it to the test. Follow the simple easy steps below that almost anyone can do to achieve a painful life: Pick a body part where you already have […]

Glutes function

February 13, 2018

Get Your Glutes Functioning Again Good glutes functioning is important for a lot of your daily activities such as walking, getting up from a chair, climbing stairs, running etc. Muscle imbalances happen if your glutes do not function well. Often your hip flexors, hamstrings and back muscles will get tight if they are overloaded. Glutes […]

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